Stress and Anxiety, could CBD help?

Published on 21st September 2020

The world is full of stresses and anxiety-inducing scenarios, especially right now. We all have had, and some still have excess time on our hands, to think and worry and stress about work (or not working), homeschooling the kids (thankfully this has stopped now), money or lack of it, and where it's going to come from whilst we are stuck in our houses with no end in sight, or how we are going to catch up now we are back at work, the simple popping to the shop that is now a full-scale mission just to get a loaf of bread and a pint of milk (don’t forget the mask, have I got the hand sanitiser?) I spent all day preparing a parcel for dispatch the other day, packed it into my car, drove all the way to the post office, only to realise I had forgotten my mask!!!!!!! What was I gonna do? The parcel had to be posted that day, there wasn’t enough time to go home and get my mask before the post office closed, I was facing a real dilemma.

I wracked my brain looking around my car, the only thing remotely usable was a (used) dusting cloth I use to wipe the surfaces in the car, I had no choice, I found the cleanest looking part of the cloth and tied it around my face. The lady at the post office looked at me like I was going to rob her and the dust that was within the cloth was now being inhaled into my lungs with every breath, I could hardly speak, my eyes were watering and with every proceeding breath, I tried not to inhale to much more car dust. I finally got out of there after what seemed like an eternity, but my point is there are a lot of contributing factors to our lives becoming more and more stressful every day.

In order to combat this, people have been turning to CBD products, like CBD honey sticks and eliquids. A couple of sprays of flavoured CBD oil under the tongue can help reduce stress and anxiety. CBD is an anxiolytic which means it could reduce things like anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety is the worst, it is irrational and can hit with no warning and sometimes with no rhyme or reason, causing sleeplessness, chest pain, panic, racing heart, and much more. Surely if there is a way to naturally help to reduce this then we should give it a go. Click here to learn more.

Interestingly people have also been using CBD eliquids to help calm their pets, especially on nights like New Years Eve and bonfire night. My dog for one is terrified of fireworks and honestly if CBD helps him feel better then I’m all for it. Click here to learn more.

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