Why we launched KL CBD…

Published on 8th July 2020

KL CBD started with a conversation between Kim and Lou. We are both Mums who met working at a beauty salon and hit it off from the first time we met. Like anybody during the working day, we would talk about all sorts of things going on in our lives. One day, the conversation came around to CBD. We were both very interested in the benefits of CBD and what it could potentially do for people. However, when Lou’s friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, it really kicked us into action. Her friend originally started taking CBD drops to help with anxiety after her diagnosis, yet we quickly realised that this was not all it was helping with…

First round of chemo completed and no sickness nine weeks on, then a lot more chemo and still no sickness! It made us really take notice. So much so that Kim decided to try it on her Mother in Law who has end of life dementia. A week or so on and instead of not speaking at all, Kim was able to have a short conversation with her.

We researched everything we could and everything we found out intrigued us more and more. Not only that, we also found that people with all sorts of different conditions (such as acne, ADHD, arthritis, alzheimers, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, inflammation, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, & skin conditions ) were finding relief and attributing it to CBD, so we really wanted to create an effective CBD range to help people.

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We found out about the Endocannabinoid system and how it is the largest biological system of receptors in not only the human body but also mammals and how this system can become deficient, causing all sorts of different symptoms. We found that by basically topping this system back up using CBD products it could potentially help and alleviate a wide range of conditions.

We are not doctors and obviously we know this is not a cure. Lou’s friend still suffered from additional chemo symptoms and Kim’s Mother in Law still had end of life dementia but thankfully we were able to help make life easier for them during these difficult times.

That’s really how it all started and we have gone from there hoping to help as many people as possible feel the benefits of CBD.

Kim & Lou x

Founders – www.klcbd.co.uk

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