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UK specialists in CBD and skincare with over 15 years experience and a range of cbd infused topicals to regulate and soothe from inside out.

Give your wellbeing a spa day with our range of full spectrum CBD topicals and save on delivery when you spend over £100 on our cbd skin care products. All our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and we disclose all our product information within the lab test results found within our website.

We hope you have a nice look around, there are many resources on this page that can point towards the best methods of intake, and even help you understand which bend of CBD and other skincare secret ingredients could work for you.

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CBD Skin Care & Beauty

Give your wellbeing a pamper from the outside in. Discover the right CBD skin care benefits for you and introduce a more organic skin care routine that fits your lifestyle - the easier you make it for CBD to fit into your life, the greater chance there is of benefiting from the topical effects of our hemp infused skin care products.

CBD Moisturiser

Silky and light, our hemp based skin moisturizer is a versatile cream that soothes and calms many areas of your skin. A purely rejuvenating daily intensive cream with a 150mg full spectrum CBD base.


CBD Skin Balm

Infused with a soothing combination of skincares most healing ingredients, our CBD skin balm contains coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa, grapeseed oil and rosemary. A calming salve for your skin amongst it’s 300mg hemp base.


CBD Facial Serum

Light and gentle, our CBD face serum is infused with a fragrant blend of almond, coconut, jojoba oils and grapeseed. Soothing full spectrum hemp facial serum that helps your skin to glow without the weight of an oily residue.


What benefits does CBD have on the skin?

There are a range of benefits to gain from taking cbd full stop, but cbd for your skin can offer a regulating and calming addition to your skincare routine, whether you’re an athlete looking for a muscle relief product, or someone with sensitive skin that can’t agree with the more chemically driven products.

Luxury Skincare Secrets

As skincare and CBD experts, 15 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a truly sensual blend of premium pampering products. Be sure to check the ingredients of each of our products to understand the added skincare benefits gained on top of the CBD extract, our CBD face serum and skin balm includes the addition of:

Coconut oil for skin provides nourishing fatty acids that help to protect and hydrate, and with vitamin F actively helping to retain moisture.

Shea butter with its inflammatory properties can help to heal wounded skin tissue, as well as toning and conditioning your face especially.

Cocoa is loved by Palmers for its soothing and anti-aging properties, plus a high level of antioxidants - much more than just a sweet and calming fragrance.

Grape Seed Oil when applied to the face is praised for its lightweight consistency and is known to not clog pores, which is a common worry with thicker bases, and is a unique antimicrobial cleanser.

Rosemary oil can help reduce darker areas / blemishes on the skin, helping the complexion to appear more clear and balanced and is another form of natural antioxidant.

Almond oil massaged into the face is said to be effective in unclogging pores and providing a deep clean, while providing a strong source of vitamin E

Jojoba oils which are praised for their anti-inflammatory properties and for helping your skin glow without the greasy residue!

Why Choose Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Skin?

Our cbd skin care products provide a range of benefits for your skin using full spectrum cbd to ensure you’re receiving the widest range of skincare benefits from the cannabis plant. Full Spectrum CBD is a known source of cannabis extract that uses the entire hemp plant from leaf to stem, but until recent years, had been given a much poorer reputation do it’s psychoactive cousin, THC.

Medical research reveals that CBD is a very effective antioxidant, which in itself is proven to prevent free-radical damage caused by stress, bad diet and smoking for example.

Because of this, CBD is also thought to reduce the early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and is believed to help the growth of new skin cells, offering a range of naturally healing benefits within the one skincare remedy.

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How does CBD work for skin care?

Throughout our body we have cannabinoid receptors as part of the wider Endocannabinoid System, designed specifically for accepting extracts from the cannabis plant and distributing it around our body.

High street health food stores like Holland & Barrett would suggest that regular use of full spectrum CBD topicals could reduce dry and itchy skin as an effect of other conditions, like atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Which vitamins are in full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD offers a range of the beauty industries favourite ingredients within just one dosage. We must point out however, CBD does not simply replace these supplements, if you are currently prescribed specific dosages by a GP regarding your existing vitamin intake/deficiencies, then consult them before introducing ANY new substance to your body.

· Vitamin A (including beta carotene) which helps support healthy vision and bone health as well as helping to speed up healing of breakouts and the skin's immune system, while enhancing skin's ability to moisturise itself.

· Vitamin C which helps generate Collagen, responsible for forming tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin and muscle and is the body's largest protein. On top of that, it’s another antioxidant, helping to prevent the effects of free radicals on skin.

· Vitamin E which is very commonly found in skin moisturizers and antiseptic bases as it helps to heal wounds, while strengthening the body's defence against illness and infection.

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